Bioluminescent Kayaking and Some Handy Tips

Bioluminescent Kayaking and Some Handy Tips
Bioluminescence is when a living organism produces and emits light. On a dark night, bluish white flickers can be seen in certain bodies of water where dinoflagellates or planktons can be found. These small aquatic organisms give off quick flashes of light when you disturb them in their habitat, and on specific times of the year, they can be a source of entertainment for kayakers. You can also witness schools of fish leaving a phosphorescent trail, which basically looks like clouds glowing in the water. Making the picture more exciting are seals and sometimes night herons chasing the fish.

Indeed, bioluminescent kayaking can give you such natural such eye candy that makes for many unforgettable memories with the family or friends. If you're planning to go on one for the first time, here are some handy tips you can use:

> Be ready to get wet. You may have kayaked and remained dry all throughout, but when you're out there and just stupefied by the bioluminescent show, you may never notice the water dripping off your paddles or other kayakers splashing you. Forget about taking any electronic gear with you, unless you can secure it in a dry bag. And forget the camera too. You'll only miss the fun anyway when you're more focused on photographic angles and lights than the bioluminescent effect itself.  Take a look  more information about kayaking.

> If you don't only want to see the spectacular sight but also understand how it came about, stay close to your guide. There's so much to learn about those bioluminescence, and the more you learn about the organisms, the more you appreciate them and what they do.

> Bioluminescence kayaking is great for family bonding, but maybe not with smaller children. You can take them with you when they're older and more able to control themselves. They might get so excited and you know what can happen. Safety before anything else.  Read more about bioluminescence Florida.

> Sometimes, mosquitoes can be a problem so be ready. Before you go on kayaking, make sure to spray on some repellent and do bring some as well.

> Lastly, when booking for bioluminescent kayaking, remember that it's only possible on very dark nights when the water has just enough warmth. That means tours will not be available within the week around a full moon and operate only during summer. The bioluminescent effect is also said to be brighter and thus more enigmatic. Tours usually peak in August and are offered through October.  To read more to our most important info about  kayaking click the link
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